The Saddle and The Bit

Place the saddle,
Force the bit,
Ride us all
As you wish.
For that’s your dream
To feel such power,
As you surely never felt
Surge between your thighs.

But now the blood flow to the brain
Must be your impediment,
For you to blunder and believe
We could be fooled, trained, broken
To your prideful will
By whipping us with hate
And all the while saying
It is for our own good
To know our place
Till we become beaten slaves,
Smiling, nodding, shuffling on,
Muted and grateful you own us
Since we, at least, survive.
While you, smug and smiling,
Play the benevolent, loving master,
As is the lie of your fantasy.

Cloaked in liberty won
In the blood of our history,
We watch
Your strutting, angry buffoonery
As we stand proud,
Refusing the saddle and the bit,
Fighting against the whip,
We will not smile
We will not nod
We stride and march,
Rejecting everything
You would twist us into
As you claim to make
Our nation great once again
We rise to free our nation
From you, the enemy of democracy,
As is the reality.

The Regime Begins


This is how a regime begins.  The flag of our nation is displaced for a person.  Thus, a name becomes what is honored and defended by our military. This is how a democracy dies.

When there is anger in the heart of a nation, tyrants arise.  When there is blame placed on specific groups of citizens for the problems facing a nation, tyrants have the advantage.  When one group of citizens is seen as less deserving than another, tyrants manipulate.  When citizens fear and hate, tyrants control.  This is the lesson of 1930s Germany.

I am sure there are many who would say it is overly dramatic to compare the Trump regime to that of Hitler and the Third Reich.  Many might say it cannot happen here in this place and time, and I am sure the German citizenry of the 1930s thought and said the same thing.  Just as many people feel powerless to bring about a change within our government now, I am sure the majority of Germans felt just as powerless in the 1930s.  The parallels are horrifying.  This is why we must remember history.

The Anarchists protest groups would have us resist the Trump regime with violence.  I say violence will not achieve the goal they seek.  Yes, violence is an easy response.  It is easy to hate.  It is easy to blame. Thus, we negate our own responsibility and contributions to the problems of our society and our nation.  The road of hate, blame, and violence is how our nation is divided and controlled.  If we engage in violent protest or allow a peaceful protest to erupt in violence, we take our nation running ever farther down the road of destruction.  Violence only serves to justify the actions and words of a tyrannical megalomaniac, spouting blame and fear and hatred.    But we must resist.

We must learn from our history.  The actions of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi must guide us.  We must resist peacefully.  We must force the Trump regime to show its true colors in the most obvious fashion. If we use civil disobedience to protest, some will pay a price, arrest or tear gas or even blows from policemen.  Yet our protests must not be violent in any way.  Let the Trump regime roll out the National Guard and tell our fellow Americans that he must stop us.  If our protests force the use of such measures, how can congress and his supporters justify his actions?  They cannot.  They will impeach before it is too late.

It is time for all of the resistance groups to pull together, to plan, to fight as one, to become in heart and soul united, ensuring for our children that a “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”