funeral pyre

Watch the body of words
Bled out in alphabetic sketches
Drawn in connotations and denotations
Shadowing in crosshatching upon pages
Torn from notebooks
Of the past
Go up in flames
Of a funeral pyre
Neatly made
Feel the heat and sweat
Away all that remains
Of promises made
In between
Past and present
As definitions and meanings
Turning black
In the orange and yellow flames
Let all that has been abandoned
Be purified
Of delicious deceit
And belief held for moments
In random patterns
Flickering against the night
Recite words once given out
Of return and promise
Daring to tap them out
On some electronic page
Cracking open
New chapters of breaking
To find wholeness
In the waking
Flames hold truth
Of what was
And was not.

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