What truth is there but this?
Contained within the sand, wind,
An inky blue sapphire sea
Watching whales and seals play
As they sing their songs of joy
I listen
Their language so foreign to me
A vocabulary of rejoicing
In all that God has made
I can neither interpret nor define
Within this human construct
That it seems God forgot
Yet I seek to know
What they say
Of love
Of grief
Of play
Of joy


Driving along the shore at night
The water black with a rippling sheen
In the street lamp’s light
A few young skateboarders scattered
About the sidewalk of the seawall
Their long hair fans out behind them
In the soft breeze of midnight
Driving onward to the freeway
And longing for home and bed
The blackness of sleep with rippling dreams
Of the surf and shore in the sun
When as a child I played and knew nothing
But joy in the sand bucket castles I made
And the blackness of sleep an enemy
Instead of the friend it became
As I grew and was well schooled
In lessons of so much and many lost
And now what comfort it is to drown
In this black sea of sleep


we rode the ferry
you and I

chunks of bread
you fed the gulls
who stopped mid flight
bowed their heads to you
or so it seemed
before snatching the bread
from the treasures of your hands

wiping your hands clean upon your jeans
you laughed,
such simple things—
the wiping of your hands and your laugh

it was then we turned
to watch dolphins
arch their backs
surfacing for air
in the gulf waters

And a wish to cherish you
came to mind
treasuring the word
my heart sings
when in your arms—

Saw Dust

Excuse me, please
While I sweep these words
From the floor like the saw dust they are
And toss them to the wind
To scatter in their ineffectiveness.

For nothing can be made
From such dust as this
No table, no chair
No house,
No tower, no bridge

They have no substance
To support any weight
Let them drift on the winds,
Return to earth as if sifted through,
Inconsequential as they are
Hidden in some tall, overgrown weeds
Somewhere out of sight
To rot in some organic way
Providing nutrients for soil.