A Word

I have searched all my baskets of words,
Taken out each one I find that just might work,
Tested it for finesse,
Held it up to the light,
Let it run through my fingers,
Inhaled the scent of each one,
And listened to the music it makes.
Only to reject each in turn
For a lack of smoothness,
Or being too thick or too thin,
For an aroma too flowery or spicy,
For music too soft or too loud.

Yet I know somewhere around here
Is a word of perfection
To capture the essence of what I see.
So to my junk drawers of words
I go to search.
Pull out beautiful.
Yes, true. But too ordinary
And plain a word for my need.
Pull out lovely.
Also true. But just not enough
Depth to capture all.
Pull out striking.
Accurate in effect. But
I require a word with something more.
Pull out gorgeous, stunning, and wonderful.
Yes, yes. All so true.
But reject all three
Since none contain
All I need to convey.

And there at the back of my junk drawer,
Covered over by others,
Hidden by charming, delightful, splendid, and magnificent,
I find it and pull it out.
Let it find the air to cross my lips
Then soar to light.
Yes, it is perfect
The only word to come close
To capturing all that I see,
All I yet know of you

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